Reality-check-Rush compares Obama to this MSNBC anchor, and he’s dead on!


In the rosy days before President Obama took office, Rush Limbaugh horrified a nation of newfound believers when he said he hoped the president failed.

Limbaugh has remained one of Obama’s staunchest critics ever since, but he may have topped himself earlier this week, when he made a good case in comparing the president to MSNBC’s mid-day anchor, Ronan Farrow.

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With the world on fire and the country divided, Limbaugh said Obama was supposed to unify the nation.

“Remember? Post-racial, post-partisan, a brand-new president unlike any we’d ever had,” he said Wednesday on his radio show. “All of the old hatreds were going to vanish simply because he’d been elected. He was the first African-American president, the first smart one in a while, the first smart Democrat president. … He’s got a great crease in the slacks. He’s just perfect. The guy won the Nobel Prize within two months.”

Limbaugh said Obama’s over-inflated resume reminded him of Farrow.

“It’s kind of like, you remember this Ronan Farrow, this 26-year-old that got a show on MSNBC for having done nothing but maybe be Frank Sinatra’s kid,” Limbaugh said. “I don’t think he was on the air two days, and they gave him the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism”

Newsbuster’s Jack Coleman pointed out that Obama and Farrow share another commonality: their approval ratings. Ouch!

Tom Tillison


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