‘Mary Poppins Quits’ wage spoof gets gutted with brilliant rebuttal to liberal actress

When actress Kristen Bell teamed up with comedy video site Funny or Die to make a musical propaganda video singing the praises of minimum wage, Reason TV’s Remy took the “Mary Poppins” spoof to task with his rebuttal from a chimney sweep.

The Bell video, Mary Poppins Quits, spewed typical left-wing nonsense that would require much more than a spoonful of sugar to swallow.

Putting aside outright ignorance and the irony of an obscenely overpaid actress chirping away about minimum wage, the Funny or Die version was clever, to be fair. Thankfully, Remy revised it to clear things up for those of us living in the real world.

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Funny or Die video:

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Michele Kirk


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