Kansas cop returns runaway toddler; what he did next has people calling him ‘hero’

Photo Credit: KAKE

An overwhelmed mother is grateful to a Kansas police officer for rescuing her toddler, found wandering in a busy street in El Dorado, Kan.

But the kindness and generosity the officer showed next wowed both the family and the community.

“A couple found him, and they were upset, and just a few seconds after we got there, his mom arrived, and she was distraught,” El Dorado police Lt. Travis Pierce told local CBS news affiliate KWCH. “I’m a new dad, and sometimes, it’s not bad parenting. This kid was fascinated with going outside, and it was hard for his mom to keep up.”

The curious tot had a habit of unlocking doors and taking off outside, KWCH reported, saying Pierce decided not to call state child welfare officials. Instead, he took the boy’s grandmother to Wal-Mart so she could purchase locks to better secure the home’s doors. Pierce installed the locks himself.

“She bought some extra locks, and I advised her on the best type of security for a curious kid that age,” Pierce told Kansas ABC affiliate KAKE.

After the El Dorado Police Department posted details about the incident on its Facebook page, Pierce has been widely praised for going out of his way to help the family. The officer, though, said he was just doing his job.

Amanda Shea


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