See how Neil Cavuto reacts to Mark Levin scolding one of his Fox colleagues on-air

Fox News host Neil Cavuto is an old pro in the live news business, so you hardly knew he was rattled by what conservative talk show host Mark Levin said on-air Thursday.

Cavuto wanted “The Great One’s” take on the Republican races that are making waves around the country, and Levin wasn’t shy about speaking his mind. He threw in a surprise jab at Karl Rove.

 “You look at North Carolina, you look at Arkansas, you look at a number of these states,” Levin said. “Here’s the big lie that’s going on for election cycle after election cycle, advanced by, among others, Fox favorite Karl Rove. The fact of the matter is we’ve lost the Senate over and over again not because of Todd Akin, not because of two or three or four tea party candidates. The vast majority of candidates running are your Republican establishment candidates who’ve never had to fight in a Republican primary.”

Cavuto didn’t miss a beat. As soon as Levin stopped speaking, Cavuto responded in good humor. “Alright, listen I’ll arrange the next dinner for you and Karl Rove,” he said. “In the meantime, I’ve got to run upstairs and talk to my bosses.”

“He just tells it like he feels it . . . all opinions are welcome,” Cavuto said with a chuckle.

H/T: TheBlaze

Michele Kirk


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