Jimmy Kimmel gets his revenge for Obama snub

Jimmy Kimmel LiveWith the world around us on fire, President Obama decided to cancel a Wednesday night appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” allegedly scheduled to coincide with his visit to Los Angeles this week

According to White House press secretary Josh Earnest, the president had “other more serious matters” to deal with — like fundraising.

But did the late night comedian exact a bit of revenge for being snubbed?

Kimmel opened Thursday’s show slamming Obama for the impact his visit had on traffic, and yes, he jumped on the fundraisers.

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“He’s here in town to go to fundraisers, where he will spend the evening pretending to care about what celebrities think,” Kimmel said. “I feel like the president only comes to LA for money. He’s like a college student who comes home to do laundry and steal food from the refrigerator.”

Funny stuff, although Kimmel may want to revisit what he’s paying his writers, as this is a recycled joke from a November monologue when Obama was in town for… a fundraiser.

Sticking with the traffic theme, Kimmel also got a dig in on Obama’s sagging approval rating.

“A good way to ensure that your approval rating remains in the low 40s is to see to it that it takes three and a half hours for everyone to get home from work,” he said.

The celebrity gossip and entertainment news outlet TMZ first broke the story that Obama would be appearing on Kimmel’s show, and they decided to have some fun speculating on the president’s plans once out of office and how this week’s trip may be related.

Tom Tillison


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