Pregnant woman in labor forced to wait for Obama motorcade … for 30 minutes

Protecting the President of the United States is an all important task that takes precedent over all else, apparently even a pregnant woman in labor.

Unfortunately, for a woman on her way to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles to have a baby, President Obama was in town to raise cash for the Democratic Party and this resulted in her being stopped a few hundred feet from the front door, The Blaze reported.

For at least 30 minutes.

KNBC-TV reporter Robert Kovacik posted a video on Instagram that shows the woman sitting in a bus stop shelter holding her stomach.

All she needed to do was to cross the street — one street — but authorities would not allow her to do so until after the president’s motorcade passed by, according to a witness.

“I felt bad for her,” eyewitness Carrie Clifford told The Blaze. “It does happen when Obama comes to L.A. or I’m sure anywhere else. It paralyzes the city, it does make it complicated.”

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Kovacik posted a second video of an officer seemingly acknowledging that the woman was being held up.

“As soon as we can — it looks like the motorcade is coming through right about now, so we’ll be able to open it up for traffic,” the officer said. “The first thing we’ll try to get through will be an ambulance, but I can’t guarantee there will be…”

The video ends abruptly.

In a show of just how powerful social media can be, Clifford posted images from the scene as the story unfolded — the woman reportedly made to the hospital eventually without incident:


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