Biden wishes he had a Republican kid — because someone’s gotta pay the bills

Maybe Joe Biden isn’t so dumb after all.

Speaking to the National Urban League Thursday in Cincinnati, the gaffe-prone vice president (said to harbor insane fantasies of running for president in 2016) admitted having at least one relative who understands reality might come in handy.

joebiden0724new“I should have had one Republican kid who’d grow up to make money,” Biden said, drawing a round of laughter from the audience at Cincinnati’s downtown convention center. “You know, so when they put me in a home, I get a window with a view.”

Nice of him to admit what kind of people are paying the bills in this country.

Instead of healthy GOP politics, though, Biden’s offspring are engaged in more traditionally Democratic pursuits, like social work — a daughter involved in helping recently released prisoners adapt to society – and crony capitalism.

But as the Washington Times reported last month, Biden’s son, Hunter, was recently hired as a director and top lawyer for a Ukrainian natural gas company. While Hunter Biden’s credentials are no doubt impeccable, it’s a pretty good bet sharing the last name of the American vice president didn’t hurt his prospects with the Ukrainians much.

So maybe Biden thinks he wants a Republican who knows how to make money in his family, but he’s actually got something better: A Democrat with connections.

In the Age of Obama, that’s all that’s what America is all about. And even Joe Biden’s smart enough to know that.

Check out the video here.

H/T: The Free Beacon


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