Retired border guard gives chilling look inside department: Obama limited our ammo

A retired Border Patrol officer outraged over the influx of illegal aliens entering the country this year has recorded an interview that reveals chilling information about the current situation at the U.S.-Mexico border and the long-term hazards it holds for the country as a whole.

zacharytaylor0723In the self-produced interview, former Border Patrol Agent Zachary Taylor talks about a variety issues facing the Border Patrol the general public might not expect.

He speaks of immigrants with various diseases coming into the U.S., how the Russian mafia is using Mexico as a base of operations and the concept of “asymmetric warfare” as it applies to the border.  In other words: guerrilla warfare.

“When you think about what is going on, think transnational criminal,” Taylor said. “Think of people beyond Mexico and Central America.”

And think of a Border Patrol that has almost literally disarmed in the face of the threat. Border Patrol officers are restricted in their use of ammunition to the point they can’t practice to stay proficient with their assigned firearms.

The ammunition restriction is expected to last until the beginning of the 2015 fiscal year, Taylor said. That’s not until October of next year.

“The Department of Homeland Security used to buy ammo for us by the boxcar,”  Taylor said. “Now, ammo is being accounted for round-for-round.”

See the video available on YouTube here.

Don Noel


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