Planned Parenthood has put an actual price on life and it’s not much


Proving abortions are big business, Planned Parenthood has calculated the price for a life to the penny, a former clinic director reveals in a new video.

In the video, posted on, Abby Johnson says that each time the Planned Parenthood clinic she operated in Texas aborted a baby, it made $313.20.

Johnson, who has since adopted pro-life values, said she made the video to let the public in on Planned Parenthood’s dirty little secret: abortion quotas. Her former supervisor once warned that the facility needed to double the amount of babies it aborted, saying 1,135 abortions would do the trick in achieving the organization’s fiscal goals.

“This was bothersome to me, as I truly believed that our goal was to reduce the number of abortions,” Johnson says in the video. “After all, that’s what we always said to the media. When I voiced my concerns to my supervisor, she laughed and said, ‘But, Abby, abortion is how we make our money.’”

Johnson, who had nine abortions of her own, changed course on advocating the procedure after disturbing discoveries were made within Planned Parenthood.

“Just a few weeks later, I witnessed the ultrasound-guided abortion procedure that caused me to flee from Planned Parenthood,” she said. “About a year ago, I was sorting through some old files and came across that same budget from 2010. Since then, I have been waiting for the perfect time to release this project.”

Johnson now uses her voice to speak out against Planned Parenthood practices and it’s attempts to cover them up.

“Women and their children are worth far more than $313.29,” she said. “Their lives are priceless.”

Amanda Shea

Amanda Shea

As a regular writer for multiple conservative news outlets, Amanda is passionate about politics and current issues affecting our country.
Amanda Shea


10 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood has put an actual price on life and it’s not much

  1. Kenneth Clark says:

    “ultrasound-guided abortion procedure ”

    Is this not the very same organization that has fought tooth and nail not to perform ultrasounds on the mother prior to an abortion due to high costs. Yet they will use the machine to guide the tools of death to the child.

    What a sick bunch of lying, murderous and evil deviants.

    1. jenniferlblackstock says:

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    2. Doug says:

      My sources say that’s the exact price. Do the math.

  2. CrossingTheDelaware says:

    “Her former supervisor once warned that the facility needed to double the amount of babies it aborted”

    Absolutely nauseating.

    1. LesleeCCooper says:

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    2. Doug says:

      Some women were having the same baby aborted three and four times.

      1. JeanOAndrews says:

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  3. charlesjharper says:

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  4. Robert Beers says:

    So how much would it take to do post natal abortions on the Planned Parenthood leadership? Hyperbole, but the point is there. People who set a price on a human life, especially one of pure innocence need to be made aware that their life is worth even less.

  5. Tom Sladek says:

    Since she worked there, then, was the cost of her nine children that she murdered, free of charge?

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