Oops! ‘The View’ diva blurted out the ‘unspeakable’ about Hillary’s sex life

The “private” lives of Bill and Hillary Clinton got yet another airing Tuesday — when “The View” panelist Jenny McCarthy openly suggested the former first lady has ladies of her own.

Photos: NBC Chicago; Queerlandia.com

McCarthy wondered if Hillary’s a lesbian during a discussion of “The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents.” Author Ronald Kessler describes how the Secret Service agents assigned to protect former President Bill Clinton had gotten so used to the presence of a blonde lover in the couple’s home when Hillary wasn’t around they’d nicknamed the woman “the Energizer.”

McCarthy said Hillary might be comfortable with the arrangement because Hillary Clinton might have her own “energizer.”

“Well, maybe he has his girlfriends, and she has her girlfriends,” she said. “You never know. Maybe they have an arrangement.”

It’s not the first time Hillary’s sexuality has been questioned, of course – rumors about her involvement with women and other men have been around for decades.

But hearing it on daytime television, on a television show that’s the essence of the Democrat voting base – females, minorities and nutcases (especially the anti-vaccination nutcase McCarthy) put this one in a class by itself.

Check out McCarthy’s bombshell here.

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