HBO’s vampire series ‘True Blood’ mocks Ted Cruz in a big way; Cruz bites back!

“True Blood,” one of HBO’s most popular, long-running shows, made its mission to bash Republicans front and center in Sunday’s bizarre episode, that featured a couple of vampires crashing a Ted Cruz fundraiser.

The profanity-laced jabs at Republicans were not subtle, and that’s not surprising considering the show’s creator, Alan Ball, is openly anti-conservative and anti-Christian, according to Newsbusters. But, the liberals that call Republicans misogynistic and anti-woman need to take note here. Your hypocrisy is showing.

In fairness, the violent, crude, sex-filled series isn’t known for its standard of morality and has pushed the limits on plenty of subjects in its seven-season run, but this time they picked the wrong Republican senator to mess with.

The Texas senator posted this thoughtful response on his Facebook page Tuesday:

Ted Cruz FB

Newsbusters reported on the episode with video clips below ( caution: profanity) :

Both videos via MRC TV

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Michele Kirk


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