Video of real Marines busting phony officer for stolen valor

Anyone who lies about being a veteran is a pathetic excuse for a human being. The guys who dress up in phony uniforms and go places are even more pathetic. As usual, good job by the Marines.

From Military Poser Videos

Some Leathernecks from 4th Anglico caught this guy recently at a funeral. Nice catch Marines, this guy is a classic.

We have the guy’s real name and address:

He’s already been reported to the FBI.

According to this twat-waffle, from his own mouth and uniform, he’s been in for 26 years (‘in combat’) when his service stripes only show 15 (all of which have been overseas), he’s somehow a Sgt Major and he’s an officer at the same time, he’s Airborne (with his little combined jump wings and Ranger Tab hat pin from Ranger Joes), he’s been a DS, he’s SF, he’s been a Recruiter, he’s an MP, he has a Silver Star, two PHs and a Bronze Star with a V device for saving his ‘own troops’ in Baghdad.

If anyone finds this dip-shit, please video the exchange and get in touch with us ASAP. Someone who goes to this much trouble and spends that much money on things he didn’t earn has done this before and will do it again, and will more than likely be getting free lunches and drinks from unsuspecting civilians. Or worse. This piece of shit is clearly pathological and unbalanced.

Fake Special Forces Sgt Major (Robert ‘Bobbie’ Bowen) Called out by 4th Anglico Marines (Part 1)

Fake Special Forces Sgt Major (Robert ‘Bobbie’ Bowen) Called out by 4th Anglico Marines (Part 2)

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