Ice cream shop’s Planned Parenthood specialty flavor, fundraiser spark outrage; sold ‘soul to Satan’

An ice cream shop in Portland, Ore., has sparked outrage over a Planned Parenthood fundraiser announced Thursday.

“Are you beating the heat this summer?” Planned Parenthood wrote on its Facebook page. “Here’s a delicious way to cool off while supporting Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon at the same time: ‘Ice Cream for Planned Parenthood!’ on July 17th at What’s the Scoop? in Portland!”

Planned Parenthood ice cream

Planned Parenthood’s announcement described the shop’s specialty flavor created for the fundraiser this way:

What’s the Scoop? is a sustainable, small-batch shop that creates ice cream and sorbets using liquid nitrogen – a revolutionary method that speeds up the freezing process, which translates into much smaller ice crystals and an extraordinary creaminess. They’re generously donating 10% of sales to PPAO – and they’ve even prepared a limited-edition ROSE CITY REVOLUTION flavor exclusively for us! Here are a few of the flavors on the menu:

• ROSE CITY REVOLUTION: Honey vanilla ice cream + candied rose petals = Portland power! An exclusive flavor for “Ice Cream for Planned Parenthood!”

By Friday morning, What’s the Scoop? began receiving messages on its Facebook page opposing the fundraiser such as these:

“A special flavor for Planned Parenthood? That’s disgusting. Why should ice cream be connected to the abortion industry?”

“Did you choose ‘Rose’ for the flavor of your Planned Parenthood ice cream since the color of roses, red, is the same color as the blood that oozes out of the millions of babies who have been slaughtered by Planned Parenthood abortions.”

“So, for the flavor supporting planned parenthood lets try, Baby blood espresso, crushed baby skull with fetus fingers, or we sold our soul to Satan.”

Shop owner Jodie Ostrovsky told that they were “still wrapping [their] minds around the reactions.”

“It was the second fundraiser we have done with Planned Parenthood,” she said. “The first one went off without any reactions or comments.”

Ostrovsky defended her position, standing firm in her support of the fundraiser for the abortion provider.

“Planned Parenthood is an amazing organization that does so much to help women have access to affordable healthcare,” she said. “The fact that some people only focus on what is such an infinitesimal part of the service they provide is confusing to me.”

But this Facebook post asks a curious question:

Fortunately, the next scheduled fundraiser will benefit Cystic Fibrosis.

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