How did this adorable viral video become so controversial?

The video became an Internet sensation in the past week. As you can see, the cuteness level is off the charts, but as with all things viral, there are always different opinions and plenty of people offering them.

Charlie, the dog in the video, has his own Facebook page where his owner recently answered some of the harshest critics who complained that the video was misleading.

“It is so sad people can destroy so easily one of my best moments of life,” Charlie’s owner wrote in a July 20 Facebook  post (below).

Watch the cuteness first . . .

From Charlie’s page:


This is a couple of comments and messages we got from all the world in the last few days :

“Its so obvious, that the owner was giving him commands to bring toys, just look at how the dog is staring at his owner, after bringing each toy”
“after the first gift i already knew that its fake the owner taught him to bring shit”
“Pretty lame & misleading. Heavily edited & the baby wasn’t even crying when the dog was bringing the toys, obviously shot over a long time with the dog being coaxed to bring the toys over but we can’t hear that because of the “music…….”

When Charlie takes any of the Laura’s toys he always gives it back , we keep her toys in the basket, but he loves to open it and bring it to her ( WITHOUT ASKING). What’s why we decided to record these moments and put it all together to one video! We use music in it because we speak polish ( language which not all people can understand) and when we speak there video wouldn’t be so great 🙂

Here is some short video from that day, to proof people we don’t force him to do what he is doing, it wasn’t planned or staged, I just wanted to record my Laura and Charlie how they play fetch for a first time and this one shows up. It is so sad people can destroy so easily one of my best moment of life — with Kathy Cruse LaGamba.

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