Bloody victim pulls out shotgun – home invaders call cops for help!

Criminal masterminds, they’re not.

Two drifters armed with a baseball bat and vicious dogs attacked another man in him home in coastal Oregon last week were forced to flee when their victim turned out to be armed with a shotgun.

Photos: Coos County Sheriff's Office Johnny Moore and Joseph Killingsworth
Photos: Coos County Sheriff’s Office
Johnny Moore and Joseph Killingsworth

Then called the cops to say someone was shooting at them!

According to KVAL in Eugene, the incident occurred about 3 a.m. Wednesday, when Joseph E. Killingsworth, 27, and Johnny R. Moore, 25, broke into the Coos Bay home of a man they suspected of reporting them to the Bureau of Land Management for trespassing.

After taking turns beating up their 23-year-old victim, the dim-bulb duo got a rude surprise when the man managed to get hold of the shotgun and fired twice into the air.

Killingworth and Moore fled the home to another residence, where they called for help, apparently never thinking deputies might ask just why someone might want to take a shot at them.

Deputies investigating arrested the two bums on assault charges, KVAL reported.

Their victim was treated at a nearby hospital for extensive head and back wounds, according to the station.

The maximum penalty for second-degree assault, a Class B felony in Oregon, is 10 years.

They should have stuck with trespassing.

H/T: Daily Mail


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