US Marines show off new toy; awesome new amphibious sea vehicle

HUAC  in action Photo: U.S. Navy
HUAC in action
Photo: U.S. Navy

A Marine Corps Warfighting Lab project that has been in the works for years was shown to the public for the first time last week, at the sea-phase of the Rim of the Pacific 2014 exercise in Hawaii.

Called the UHAC, Ultra-Heavy Amphibious Connector, the purpose of this sea-land vehicle is to carry three M1A1 tanks filled with Marines from ship to shore, and over seawalls as high as three meters, at an impressive speed of 25 miles per hour, Navy News Service reported.

UHAC Photo: US Navy
UHAC Photo: US Navy

The full-scale version will be able to carry three times the cargo weight of the current Landing Craft Air Cushion – the Navy’s famous hovercraft – and traverse rougher terrain. Also, the elevated cab will be removed for a lower profile.

UHAC on land Photo Credit:
UHAC on land
Photo Credit:

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Navy LCAC Hovercraft Photo: U.S. Navy
Navy LCAC Hovercraft
Photo: U.S. Navy


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