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Obama dithers; Governor Perry deploys Texas National Guard to stem invasion

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Texas is sending in the troops.

With no signs that the invasion of illegal aliens through the country’s southern border will end any time soon, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is set to announce he is dispatching 1,000 Texas National Guard soldiers to the Rio Grande Valley.

Photo: America’s Freedom Fighters

According to The Monitor, which covers South Texas cities and the Rio Grande Valley, the Guard and extra units from the Texas Department of Public Safety in beefing up border patrols to halt the tide of immigrants from Central America crossing to the U.S. through Mexico.

The state forces will plug gaps in the federal Border Patrol’s coverage, which has been overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of recent immigrants, many of them children hoping to take advantage of the Obama administration’s leniency toward illegal aliens.

The news is expected to be officially announced at a news conference Monday afternoon, but Perry has made no secret of his desire for the National Guard to be part of securing the border.

He has repeatedly demanded President Obama authorize – and pay for – the Guard to be deployed to the border, and made it clear during an appearance in Iowa on Sunday that he’s ready to go it alone for the Lone Star State, according to the San Antonio Express-News. 

“We’ve sent the message that if we don’t get the satisfaction that the federal government’s going to move and move quickly, then the state of Texas will, in fact, fill that void,” Perry said.

The deployment is expected to cost Texas about $12 million a month, the Express-News reported.

Veterans show Obama how they turn their backs on him,
as he has done to them

Veterans show Obama how they turn their backs on him, as he has done to them


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