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‘My bad’: Apology not accepted for State Dept. Official’s pathetic anti-Israel tweet

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The Twittersphere was having none of Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy Richard Stengel’s anemic apology, explaining his use of the hashtag #UnitedForGaza attached to a tweet concerning the downed Malaysian airliner.

Saturday evening, Stengel sent out a tweet to the State Department saying, “Critical for a full, credible and unimpeded intl investigation of crash. Urge Russia to honor it’s [sic] commitment,” incongruously signed #UnitedForGaza.
The enraged backlash caused him to quickly remove the tweet early Sunday, and offer the following lame explanation: “Earlier tweet with wrong hashtag was a mistake. My bad,” the Washington Times reported.

Twitter followers surmised this was nonsense, that his hashtag subconsciously expressed his true sentiments, and that a mistake of this severity required several steps and was not to be forgiven disingenuously. They responded angrily with the following caustic remarks, gathered by Twitchy.com:


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