US Marines show off new toy; awesome new amphibious sea vehicle

A Marine Corps Warfighting Lab project that has been in the works for years was shown to the public for the first time last week, at the […]

Clinton post11
Mysterious posters of ‘dangerous, evil Clinton family’ make heads turn in NY, DC

Advertising bikes in Washington and New York were pulling posters with ads declaring the Clintons “America’s Lannisters” and “America’s Most Dangerous Family.” The posters, using themes from […]

Iraq vet may lose therapeutic flock of ducks, face fines, over town rules

A flock of therapeutic ducks that started as a lark for a disabled Iraq war veteran is turning into a battle of its own in a small […]

Obama toasting Breitbart
Obama refuses to cancel fundraising marathon so as not to create ‘a false sense of crisis’

President Obama will be heading west Tuesday for more Democratic fundraisers, despite the crises unfolding in Ukraine and the Middle East. The trip will span at least […]

Reid Cruz
Senators clash: Cruz dares Reid to leave the Ritz-Carlton

Sen. Ted Cruz has moved “front and center” in the GOP’s response to the border crisis, taking aim at Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), touring […]

When you're drunk, it's best to fight to the 'Benny Hill' theme song
When you’re drunk, it’s best to fight to the ‘Benny Hill’ theme song

Yes, it is kind of sad that old drunk guys are fighting, but they didn’t really manage to hit one another much, and the “Benny Hill” theme […]

Video: Black conservatives met with ugly hostility at NAACP convention

An NAACP convention is no place for black conservatives. That’s all too clear in a video released Monday by the conservative website Progressives Today that shows representatives […]

WFB Kerry hot mic1
Kerry caught mocking Israel on hot mic: ‘It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation’

Secretary of State John Kerry was caught on a hot mic on Fox News Sunday apparently disparaging Israel’s claim to be conducting a “pinpoint” operation in Gaza. Host Chris […]

Walter White bobblehead travels to space
Walter White bobblehead travels to space

Yeah, science! What’s not to like about sending a Walter White bobblehead into space? Amazing video: Huge concrete beams smash through truck cab window, driver unhurt

Obama dithers; Governor Perry deploys Texas National Guard to stem invasion

Texas is sending in the troops. With no signs that the invasion of illegal aliens through the country’s southern border will end any time soon, Texas Gov. […]

‘My bad’: Apology not accepted for State Dept. Official’s pathetic anti-Israel tweet

The Twittersphere was having none of Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy Richard Stengel’s anemic apology, explaining his use of the hashtag #UnitedForGaza attached to a […]

pet meds
Is this a joke, Chuck Schumer? ‘World’s on fire, but hey, Obamacare for pets!’

Is Senator Chuck Schumer really suggesting Obamacare for pets? Not exactly, but he’s pushing a bill that plants the government’s nose firmly into the veterinarian health care […]