Ted Cruz slams Obama, Reid for holding illegals for ‘ransom,’ promising amnesty

Sen. Ted Cruz lambasted President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Sunday for “engaging in debate divorced from the facts” and for “holding these kids ransom” by refusing to address the cause of the flood of illegal immigrants across America’s southern border.

And that cause is the implied promise of amnesty for illegals Obama made in 2012 to pander to Hispanic voters.

Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” Cruz, R-Texas, defended a bill he introduced, that would bar the president from granting amnesty in the future.

“I want to take action that solves the problem,” Cruz said. “President Obama’s $3.7 billion proposal does nothing to solve the problem.”

He justified his case on recent history. “The cause is the promise of amnesty…In 2011, there were roughly 6,000 children apprehended coming in illegally. Then in June 2012, President Obama unilaterally granted amnesty to some 800,000 people who were here illegally, who entered as children. The direct foreseeable consequence of that was the number of unaccompanied children skyrocketed, so that this year the Obama Administration is estimating 90,000 kids will come, next year 145,000.”

Host Chris Wallace then quoted Reid, D-Nev., as saying that it was Cruz who was blocking resolution of the crisis, and played the clip of Reid’s asinine statement to the press last week, that “the border is secure.”

“Harry Reid lives in the Ritz Carlton Hotel here in Washington, D.C.,” Cruz replied, “And from his perspective, I’m sure the border seems secure.”

He invited Reid to come to the border to see for himself and said a recent confidential Border Patrol survey of 200 kids — passed on by a whistleblower to the Senate — showed 95 percent answered that their reason for coming to the United States was their belief in receiving amnesty.

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He added that gangs are brutalizing children for increased ransom payments from their parents and said the only way to solve the crisis is to remove the root cause, “the magnet of Obama’s amnesty.

Watch the Fox News interview here via YouTube.

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