Judge Jeanine Pirro tells Obama: ‘Put your big boy pants on and get in the game!’

In a scathing “Opening Statement” Saturday, Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro blasted President Obama for failures to deal with foreign policy challenges from the southern border of the United States to Eastern Europe.

jeaninepirro0720Citing civil wars in Iraq and Syria, the continuing crisis in Ukraine, the ongoing fighting between Israel and Hamas, and the United States’ own challenge dealing with what amounts to an invasion of the southern border by hordes of Central Americans, Pirro summed it up in one succinct sentence.

“Actually, when you think about it, we’re in a hell of a mess,” she said. “And you, Mr. President, need to get your act together, put your big boy pants on and get in the game!”

As things are, Pirro said, Obama is a president of the United States who’s getting outplayed by world leaders with smaller countries, smaller economies, and smaller armies – like Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu — but a bigger understanding of the realities of the world.

The problem is that the president has been cocooned since he took office within a phalanx of White House sycophants and a domestic media that – with the exception of some standout conservative outlets – has disgraced itself during the Obama era.

The hard realities of global politics are a different animal entirely.

“It’s time to sit at the table and get in the game ,” Pirro said, addressing the president. “Your bluffing will never work in this high-stakes game.

Check out the video here, via Fox News Insider.



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