City threatens to fine couple for brown lawn during drought: Their property isn’t ‘wonderful’

A California couple faces fines and possible criminal action after their lawn turned brown when they followed state drought guidelines restricting water usage.

California lawn letterCalifornia is suffering severe water shortages causing regulators to approve fines of up to $500 per day for residents who waste water on lawns, landscaping and washing cars, according to KPCC.

Glendora residents, Michael Korte and his wife Lara Whitney received a flyer on their door Tuesday from the city’s code enforcement which said their grass could be a “potential public nuisance problem.”

“Mike are you willing to go to jail for your beliefs as a conscientious lawn objector?” “Fox and Friends” Tucker Carlson asked on Saturday.

“If worse comes to worse, I will add a little more water to avoid jail time,” Korte said.

Glendora City Manager Chris Jeffreys released a statement which said the flyer was just a reminder that there could be conservation and “wonderful landscaped property” at the same time.

Whitney said the city gave them no guidelines on how to resolve their issue, and that she and her husband were just following state guidelines.

Watch the segment here via Fox News:


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