American mosque leader invokes Sharia Law, tries to amputate hand of thief

A Muslim leader showed a considerable lack of brotherly love in Philadelphia last week, when he tried to cut off the hand of a man accused of stealing from the local mosque.

Police arrested the mosque’s emir, Merv Mitchell, 37, also known as Mabul Shoatz, Thursday night on charges of aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy, and related offenses, for using a machete to sever the hand of an unidentified member of the mosque, accused of pilfering jars of money after morning prayers. reported that Mitchell and the mosque’s imam invoked Sharia Law which states, “As to the thief, male or female, cut off his or her hands; a punishment by way of example from Allah for their crime.”

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Although the 46-year-old victim denied stealing from the mosque, the two mosque officials carried him to the building’s backyard and placed his hand on a log, whacking it at the wrist with a machete. The blade, however, was dull and only penetrated through the skin and tendons, according to a police statement. The man will have to undergo reconstructive surgery though.

Philadelphia police also obtained an arrest warrant for the imam, whose name was not disclosed.

Richard Berkow

Former political news reporter Richard Berkow lost his idealism in the Kennedy years, and his innocence in Vietnam, Lebanon, and the Soviet Union. He hasn’t mellowed since, and can be harassed at [email protected]


250 thoughts on “American mosque leader invokes Sharia Law, tries to amputate hand of thief

  1. ALHL says:

    Despicable barbarian.

  2. Mr. Szeliga says:

    embrace it, let your city be filled with it

    1. RealityBites says:

      Yeah the world settled here and the world lives here so we the smart people have one simple word: COPE

      1. Mr. Szeliga says:

        “we the smart people”

        I find your words ironic

        because of course

        everyone who rejects diversity and does not want their country being given overrun is a racist stupid redneck who is white trash

        sorry pal but I am a lawyer, psychiatrist

        and an author
        unlike you, who is an unemployed internet troll from California
        as for “COPE”
        the united states is still 67.5% white, sorry pal but we are not a minority yet

        1. RealityBites says:

          In case you never studied UNbiased history, the entire world has settled parts of this nation at one time or another. In other words, the English did not have the market cornered. Louisiana? Thank the French. Southwest and Florida? Thank you Spanish people. Of course that’s forgetting all the people who came through the immigration station at Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay. Ellis Island in NJ (YES it is in NJ, I’ve been there and the state line runs right through the middle of the Hudson River) does not have the market cornered on immigration, yet its the only one that gets the attention.

          1. Mr. Szeliga says:

            UNBIASED HISTORY ?
            what do you mean by that ?
            The United States was founded and settled by white Europeans
            All colonial European powers
            furthermore ever since its founding the united states has been over 80% white until it dropped below that in 1990
            Europeans made this nation
            The United States is a European nation
            the only ethnic minority that has been here since the founding of the USA has been African Americans
            and even African Americans are declining
            Diversity will replace the original ethnic groups of the United States
            Islam is a religion foreign to the Americas
            Diversity creates problems

          2. RealityBites says:

            WOW either you have not learned any actual history, but have been told that Europeans settled this nation. IN reality people from all over the world came here. Europe does not have the market cornered. Russia ain’t part of Europe and settlers came across a once existent land bridge into what is now Alaska

    2. Mike says:

      It will all look like Detroit.

      1. Mr. Szeliga says:

        it will look like a Mexican version of Detroit
        East Los Angeles
        or Camden, NY
        or east St.louis

  3. Sparkle Plenty says:

    Is this the change that Obama promised everyone?? Next they’ll be stoning woman to death. If this is how these people want to live, let them return to their homeland where this is totally acceptable.

  4. Morg GB says:

    America has a stupid legal system, most likely the person will not be sentenced to life in prison based on what he is charged with, he is NOT A THREAT TO SOCIETY AND WILL NOT HAVE TO REGISTER TO THE GOVERNMENT.

    But get caught with pot and face a longer sentence, look at the case in Virginia where it was legal and a warrant was signed off because a teenager “Sexted” another teenager and the wanted to photograph an erection, they already photographed his genitals.

    The government spend a lot of money on defined “sex crimes without actual acts toward a person”, “drug crimes for personal use”, “traffic crimes that don’t involve injury or drinking but multiple fines” which could mean grabbing a teenager’s arm after slamming the brakes on your car after chastising them for playing in the street and nothing else, or disciplining your nephew without violence or touching only to be charged with a level 3 sex offender designation for false imprisonment. In absurd cases a person taking a photo of themselves only is charged.

    Similarly drug charges for personal use and technical crimes merit long sentences, yet your local state legislature in harrisburg does nothing but give tax breaks to oil companies, racket special interests, pass laws against “sex offenders” (which means anything the legislature considers), cut health care in silly ways, not fund transit, less accountability.

    I could be me understanding in a sarcastic way if he were doing a “Mock” demonstration to a legislative official for “stealing taxpayer money”, or maybe the sharia guys should target their own imams in the middle east who mismanage money, aren’t they the real thieves?

    So you steal $50 and get amputated, but gov officials in arabia squander and bribe officials and no punishment? It’s silly to, you mean a person has to be on welfare, how do you expect them to support themselves and work if they have no hands or legs? In other words, it’s always like “punishing a thief to make them a thief”.

    Okay so your disabled by amputation for being a thief, so know we have to give you money,cloth you, and feed you, give you medical care, support you, so your sucking money from us because we punished you.

    It’s like making a healthy animal sick but instead of killing it you have to support it and pay for it’s vet care for a long time. Silly Logic.

  5. LittleRoot_48 says:

    How soon before muslims get to the population point in this country where they threaten us with “convert to islam or die?”

  6. Katy Crum says:

    There’s a whole lot of people here doing two things, hating on Obama and hating on muslims. You guys keep saying that you want to abide by the constitution, but you’re forgetting one of the fundamentals. Freedom of religion is a huge part of the constitution. Also, so many of you are identifying with the Christian religio, and I would encourage you to look up Hebrews 13:17, 1 Thessaloinans 5:12-14 and Exodus 22:28

    1. RealityBites says:

      Yeah true freedom of religion for all is above these people’s pay grade

  7. RealityBites says:

    Yes you do but unfortunately I am not surprised. If you don’t like my beliefs then TOUGH cookies.

    1. Jeff Simon says:

      You don’t even make sense, kid. English is not your first language, is it? What was that comment? A cross between the maturity of Pee Wee Herman – “I know you are, but what am I?” – and a craw daddy back peddling away from the issue?

      1. RealityBites says:

        Now I know you’re being obtuse on purpose

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