We’re safer if Obama just calls gay athletes for the next two years, Fox host says

Spending his days making sure gay athletes feel comfortable, spinning lies about a “war on women” and engaging in empty talk about infrastructure isn’t what most Americans expect of their president, but Fox News commentator Andrea Tantaros said it’s the best that can be expected of the current commander in chief.

andreatantarosobama0719In an appearance Friday on “The Five,” Tantaros let loose with a tirade about President Barack Obama that started with “Why does it always have to be about him?”

“Bob [Beckel] said he has to hold on to the Senate because then he’ll have a bad upcoming two years.

“Well guess what? We should all hold our breath because it’s going to be a bad next two years for everyone else in the country.”

Then Tantaros really got rolling.

“I mean, look,” she said. “If he can’t even enforce our own borders, he’s not going to be able to enforce the borders of other countries. So, you know what I say? Good, let him go. I would much rather have him not playing in hard cities where real armies can march.

“Let him call gay athletes, let him do ‘war on women’ press conferences. Let him talk about birth control and infrastructure. I don’t want him playing on a global stage, because he’s going to muddle it and mess it up. So, everybody hold your nose and hang on because the next two years are gonna be crazy.”

Well, unfortunately, getting involved in “hard cities” and “real armies” is very much a part of the job description for the man a benighted majority of Americans have twice chosen to lead this country. And consigning him to the role of Miss Congeniality at the gay pride parade — or presiding over the marriage of Bowe Bergdahl and Chelsea Manning — isn’t really an option.

But Tantaros was dead on about one thing: Regardless of whether Republicans take back the Senate this fall, the next two years are gonna be crazy.

Check out Tantaros’ rant here. You’ve probably said a lot of it yourself.



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