State Dept. spokeswoman lambasted for unbelievable tweet: ‘Is this real?’

A tone deaf tweet from the official State Department account of  spokeswoman Jen Psaki Thursday night prompted an overwhelming response of disgust and disbelief.

The same day Psaki was called out by Fox News anchor Shepard Smith and correspondent Jennifer Griffin for burying the news of the Malaysian Airline plane crash within routine talking points at her daily press briefing, the State Department mouthpiece was criticized for ending the day with a tweet that proves even more troublesome.

As a ground invasion of Gaza, the downed plane and other major world events dominated the news Thursday, Psaki sent out a tweet promoting an article written by a former colleague, “Being informed and fashionable is natural for women.” The plug set off a flurry of responses, below.

By Friday morning Psaki had sent no messages regarding Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza and only one tweet on the crash, according to research from TheBlaze.

My personal favorite:

H/T: HotAir

Michele Kirk


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