Ex-Secret Service agent starts an Obama ‘bear on the loose’ mockery fest

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The bear is loose” is the inane phrase White House acolytes have been slinging lately when  Obama gets out of the White House to schmooze with the dwindling (but still mega-wealthy) band of believers.

Even the New York Times thinks it’s stupid, but ex-Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino says it has a kernel of truth – just not the kind the libs seem to think.

Bongino  gave up the presidential protection racket to write “Life Inside the Bubble” — the New York Times bestseller warning about how dysfunctional the government has become — and embark on a political career. Now challenging Democrat incumbent Rep. John Delaney in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District, he’s no fan of a president he thinks has an “authoritarian” streak.

But the responses he got were even worse.

For them, Obama is simply unbearable. (Warning: Some rough language ahead.)

Some thought “the bear” analogy was oddly fitting — given that the animal is the symbol of the country Mitt Romney called the “No. 1 political foe” of the United States during the last campaign.

(Obama and his acolytes mocked Romney for that, remember. That was back before Vladimir Putin annexed the Crimea and stirred eastern Europe to a war footing. Before any commercial airliners were getting shot down, too.)

Whatever the interpretation, it’s not the hip, vaguely dangerous spin, that White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer seems to think it has. As Bongino’s Twitter post points out, it’s mainly kind of pathetic.

That’s not going to happen as long as he’s in office. And what’s going to happen to “the bear” when he gets out?

Getting compared to Jimmy Carter.

That’s unbearable.




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