Customer leaves waiter a $1,000 tip on a $114 bill – with a special note

Photo Credit: The Ginger Man

A New York couple dining out for a birthday dinner left a staggering gift for their waiter – a $1,000 tip on the $114 check.

Michael Shafts, a part-time server at The Ginger Man in Albany, told the Times Union he was stunned by the generosity. As the couple prepared to leave after the meal, the wife whispered to Shafts, “My husband has done something special for you.”

The 878 percent tip came with a personal message: “My birthday present to me. Pay it forward!’

“It was surreal,” Shafts told the Times Union. “I was shaking. I couldn’t feel my legs.”

The unnamed giver’s 47th birthday celebration included a 47-year-old bottle of wine the couple brought with them to accompany the meal.

Photo Credit: The Ginger Man

Shafts, who also holds down a full-time job at a credit union, was grateful for the surprise bonus. After receiving the gift from the diner, “I shook his hand, I hugged him twice, and I said it was too much, twice,” he said.

Shafts made good on the request to pay it forward. He shared half the tip with his fellow Ginger Man co-workers, the Times Union reported.


Amanda Shea


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