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‘Costly and deadly wake-up call’: Hannity’s sobering message to Obama

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Fox commentator Sean Hannity on Friday delivered a scathing indictment of President Barack Obama’s first six years in office, using video of the president’s speeches to show the sharp contrast with his behavior and policies.

“Our world, our nation are in an alarming state of emergency,” Hannity said, citing the downing of the Malaysian airliner and Israel’s incursion into the Gaza Strip in exposing Obama’s “shocking lack of urgency” and failure “to get engaged.”

Many domestic problems have worsened under Obama’s watch, including the national debt, unfunded liabilities, historically low labor participation, the rise in food stamp participants and, especially, the plight of veterans, Hannity said.

“The people we should be taking care of the most, they have lost their faith in the federal government … and just look at Obamacare,” he said. “Four years and $700 billion later, and in 2013 and 2014, our government couldn’t even build a workable website.”

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The radio and TV host upbraided the president for his lack of zeal in closing the U.S. border to an excessive flow of illegal immigrants and for his numerous vacations and golf excursions, urging Obama to tell the truth to the American people.

In light of Obama’s many failures, Israel’s problems and the Malaysian airliner crash add up to “a very costly and deadly wake-up call,” Hannity said.

Click here to watch the Fox News video via Western Free Press on YouTube.


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