Pesky plane thing is over; Obama talks important stuff, like losing his mind over chips and guac

While news broke that a Malaysian Airlines passenger plane had been shot down Thursday, President Obama managed to fit in a stop at the White House Kids’ State Dinner.

Michelle Obama was pushing her “Let’s Move!” campaign, even admonishing kids who wanted “junk food” back in their schools.

“Because there’s always those kids,” she said. “They’re like, give me my junk food back.”

She did most of the talking but the president joined in, commenting on the number of state dinners they have at the White House that aren’t as much fun.

“First of all, everybody is older and a little stodgier,” Obama said. “But this is a much hipper crowd. More colorful outfits — so I like that.”

The couple’s remarks turned to their favorite foods and the president admitted his weakness.

“My big thing — chips and guacamole,” he said. “Basically, if there is a bowl of good chips and guacamole, I lose my mind.”

Of course, those comments would be the next to show up on the Twitter feed, as compiled by Twitchy:

Others chimed in with plenty of snarky responses, such as these:

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