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Left viciously attacks its own Bill Maher for misogynistic Hamas ‘crazy woman’ tweet

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Vile comedian Bill Maher was on top of his game Thursday when he managed to combine what the left was sure to consider Islamophobia with a heavy dose of misogyny in a Twitter post.

Never mind that Maher appears to believe there are circumstances that warrant a woman being slapped, he had the audacity to not support Hamas:

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Maher’s “two-fer” prompted a quick reaction from the left, and while he may be accustomed to upsetting conservatives, the wrath he endured would cause the more faint among us to blush.

Responses gathered from Twitter and Twitchy included some salty language:

*Caution: Strong Lauguage




More than a few made it clear they see little difference between Maher’s action and HBO, which carries his show. At the same time, there was a call for HBO to respond to the tweet:

Tom Tillison


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