Final Facebook post of passenger on ill-fated Malaysian plane goes viral

One of the 174 Dutch passengers aboard the ill-fated Malaysian plane shot down on Thursday, posted a photograph of the Boeing 777 accompanied by an eerie caption.


Prior to boarding flight MH17 on its journey to Kuala Lumpur, Dutch citizen Cor Pan wrote “If it disappears, this is what it looks like” on his Facebook page, referencing the missing Malaysian flight MH370, People Magazine reported.

The plane was shot down while flying over eastern Ukraine, apparently by a tragic mistake, although no one has accepted responsibility. Pan was reportedly travelling on vacation with his partner, Neeltje Tol.

Cor Pan & final tweet Photo credit: Facebook
Cor Pan & final tweet
Photo credit: Facebook

His Facebook page was filled with best wishes prior to his departure, and sadly will conclude with multitudes of condolences. reported on the crash and follow-up:


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