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Disgusted Fox News anchors go off on State Dept. ‘highly inappropriate’ briefing

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Fox News anchor Shepard Smith couldn’t believe his ears when he turned to a live news briefing at the State Department Thursday just after of a Malaysian Airlines plane went down over Ukraine.

A disgusted Smith lashed out at spokesperson Jen Psaki for not leading with the breaking news of the crash.

“Well this is just highly inappropriate I would say,” Smith said before explaining what set him off.

“Today a Malaysian Airlines jet has fallen from the sky in a war zone and the State Department is beginning with routine matters,” Smith said shaking his head. “You figure that out, I can’t figure that out.”

“I can’t believe what just happened,” Smith told his colleague Jennifer Griffin, as he tossed the story to her.

“That’s the State Department, Shep,” Griffin said. “I’m not surprised.”

This wasn’t the first bout of nausea the Fox host has experienced over the incompetence of the agency’s mouthpieces.

State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf was called out by Smith in an interview last month when she spewed talking points about the crisis in Iraq with a grin. “Well, you can smile about it all you want,” Smith blurted out. “But that’s the fear. You’re the one that said they are ready to fight ISIL, I hope that’s not the case.”

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