WH spokesman slithers like an eel refusing to answer: Is the border secure?

White House press secretary Josh Earnest refuses to give a straight answer.

At a news briefing Wednesday that frustrated viewers as much as reporters, Earnest was asked repeatedly to state whether the Obama administration considers the United States southern border “secure.” He repeatedly dodged the question, with a sophomoric mix of obfuscation and misdirection he probably thinks is clever, but comes off as condescending.

Check out Earnest’s exchange here with Ed Henry of Fox News as Henry asks the question six times in two minutes.

Earnest’s news briefings are already becoming known for the dearth of information they actually produce, amounting basically to fencing matches where reporters try to get answers and Earnest pretends to give them, refers reporters to another agency, or simply refuses to answer at all.

Clever and condescending.

That sounds a lot like his boss, come to think of it.

H/T: TheBlaze


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