The Five slams CAIR for attacking ‘The Tyrant’: ‘Get the hell out and go back home!’

Panelists on Fox’s “The Five” went on fully automatic against the Council on American-Islamic Relations on Wednesday and the Muslim group’s attacks on the new show “The Tyrant.”

And even liberal Bob Beckel was on board for a change.

bobbeckel0717After playing a clip from the show, which has earned rave reviews for its depiction of a Los Angeles doctor returning to the violence-wracked Middle Eastern country of his birth, panelist Eric Bolling flashed CAIR’s criticism on the screen.

“In ‘Tyrant,’ Arab Muslim culture is devoid of any redeeming qualities and is represented by terrorists, murderous children, rapists, corrupt billionaires and powerless female victims,” CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said. “In ‘Tyrant,’ even the ‘good’ Arab Muslims are bad.”

“And the problem is?” panelist Dana Perino asked.

“He’s completely incorrect,” Bolling answered.

“Has Ibrahim Hooper ever complained about anti-U.S. propaganda on any of the multiple channels in the Arab world, ever?” Perino asked.

And the ball started rolling.

“Dana just made a very important point here,” Beckel said. “We have to put up with the worst, most despicable anti-Western dialogue and crap which comes out of Muslim countries and you [Hooper] sit back here and get upset by one TV show. Come on, give me a break!

“We’re the Great Satan, remember that? If you think we’re the Great Satan, get the hell out and go back home!”

Greg Gutfeld followed, saying criticisms like CAIR’s were aimed at hamstringing American entertainment producers.

“Imagine if CAIR oversaw a movie on 9/11,” he said. “It would be about how Muslims tried but failed to land a faulty American plane.”

Check out the video here. You might even like Beckel for a change.

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