Police on lookout for couple who snatched duck-billed baby dinosaur

Photo Credit NC Department of Public Safety

While not to be confused with Bonnie and Clyde, police in Raleigh, North Carolina are on the look out for a young couple who stole a baby dinosaur replica from a local museum.

Police are unsure of a motive, but the duck-billed baby dinosaur may have been a little too irresistible for its own good.

The heist was captured on security video, with the male seen jumping over the exhibit barrier and snatching the replica before retreating and stuffing the prize in his lady friend’s oversized purse, WRAL-TV reported.

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The female appeared to be a willing accomplice, as she is seen handing the young man something once he was inside the exhibit.

Authorities told the local CBS affiliate that the stolen polymer resin model of an Edmontosaurus hatchling is worth about $10,000.

According to the Charlotte Observer, police suspect the same couple of taking artifacts from another museum before the baby dinosaur was grabbed — model corn, cabbage and lettuce, an antique medicine bottle and some nonhistorical doilies were stolen from the N.C. Museum of History.

While it’s unsure if the artifacts were taken in anticipation of the second heist, the items could come in handy in caring for a demanding prehistoric hatchling.

Tom Tillison


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