Jay Carney’s new gig: Cashing in on his years behind the podium

Jay Carney at White House

While many expected former White House press secretary Jay Carney to transition back into a position in the media world, instead he is off on a new adventure.

Carney snagged a $100,000 signing bonus earlier this month by inking a deal with the Washington Speakers Bureau, and will reportedly earn as much as $100,000 per speech, according to Politico.

Sharing personal anecdotes and offering election cycle analysis, Carney is expected to be in high demand for universities, corporations and trade shows, Politico reported.

Prior to his stint in the White house, Carney was the former Time Magazine Washington bureau chief and is said to have had numerous offers, but told Politico he had no plans for writing a book and would not comment on salary offers.

“I’m just talking to a lot of people about a bunch of potentially interesting things,” Carney said. “I’m just having conversations.”

But he appreciates the question.

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