Video: Good Samaritans yank carjacker out of car; beat him to save mom and daughter

Here’s a video that will make you cheer for the good guys in San Diego who rescued a mother and daughter during an attempted carjacking.

The alleged carjacker must have skipped driver’s ed because shortly after jumping into the driver seat, 21-year-old Ismael Hernandez hit a pole, a witness told Fox5.

When a group of men heard the mother screaming, they pulled him out of the car, tackled, beat him and kept him on the ground until police arrived.

A passerby grabbed his phone and began recording (Graphic video warning):

“I think it’s great the community would stand up against [Hernandez]. They definitely didn’t use too much force. They could have continued to beat him, but they decided to hold him down so the cops could come,” Aaron Leaf, who recorded the video, told Fox5. “Police aren’t always around to catch people. It’s great the community would jump in.”

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