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TV reporter quits after getting demoted for on-air ‘young black men’ comment

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The truth hurts.

A television news reporter who was disgusted by the the shocking declaration of a cop killer’s widow that “he shoulda took more with him” is out of a job — because he went on camera to point the finger at the problem of “young black men growing up without fathers.”

Photo: News 12

Reporter Sean Bergin was demoted by News 12 in Long Island, N.Y., after the Sunday night broadcast. He quit in protest.

In an interview with TheBlaze, Bergin admitted he “broke the rules” by editorializing on air about Jersey City cop killer Lawrence Campbell, who murdered rookie police officer Melvin Santiago in Jersey City, N.J., Sunday night. But Bergin said his emotions had gotten the best of him.

“I broke the rules, but I broke the rules because I was doing the right thing,” he told TheBlaze. “You can’t fix a problem if you don’t talk about the problem. The truth is, 73 percent of African-American children grow up without fathers. It’s a topic that needs to be handled delicately — and really, this situation could have been used as a way to explore that.”

Instead, News 12 immediately demoted him to one day a week news coverage and limited his future reports to feature reporting, with no hard news, Bergin said. The demotion would have cut his pay from about $1,200 a week to about $300.

It was an offer he said he “had to refuse.”

Here’s what Bergin said on the air about the “anti-cop mentality that has so contaminated America’s inner cities”:

“It has made the police officer’s job impossible and it has got to stop. The underlying cause of all of this, of course: young black men growing up without fathers. Unfortunately, no one in the news media has the courage to touch that subject.”

Bergin’s former employer proved him exactly right.

Check out the News 12 broadcast here, via TheBlaze.


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