Liberal logic: Google, Facebook and Amazon need to become ‘public utilities’

A leftist writer and blogger made a far-fetched pitch Tuesday for regulating Internet giants Google, Amazon and Facebook as “public utilities,” in a piece for Salon

 Richard Eskow said the mammoth corporations are continually expanding their reach and power, to the peril of Americans, and face no antitrust action from the Justice Department.

 “They’re huge, they’re ruthless, and they touch every aspect of our daily lives,” he wrote in Tuesday’s edition of Salon, saying the sites could not have been created without the Internet, a “publicly funded platform” they don’t pay to use. “They’ve achieved monopoly or near-monopoly status, are spying on us to an extent that’s unprecedented in human history, and have the potential to alter each and every one of our economic, political, social and cultural transactions.”

 Eskow, who describes himself as a “writer, consultant and Senior Fellow at the Campaign for America’s Future,” argued that the technology giants have no concern for the public interest, and yet enjoy great protections from the federal government “from patent infringement, cyberterrorism and other external threats.”

 History tells us that we have little to gain from government inserting itself into big business, or in dictating the every move of companies that have become extremely successful on their own.


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Amanda Shea


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