Latest pointless Obama photo-op enough to make you gag; White House response even worse

Not all photo ops are created equal.

The commander-in-chief who scorned taking a trip to his country’s besieged southern border last week as a pointless “photo op”  had no problem with his own model shoot Tuesday morning.

Photo: White House

Looking like some would-be “Knight Rider” – a series about a smart car that was big when Obama getting stoned a Columbia University and learning to organize communities in Chicago – President Obama had no problem mugging for the camera during a fake “drive” of an equally fake “smart” car at a federal research center in Virginia.

Grilled by Fox News Wendell Goler on the apparent hypocrisy Tuesday afternoon, White House spokesman Josh Earnest tried to tap dance around the issue — saying Obama loves photo ops that “reinforce the values the president had put forward.”

As the Twitter reaction showed, that didn’t even get as far as Obama’s fake drive.

The president “won’t hesitate to participate” in photo-ops that “reinforce our values,” @PressSec says.

Worry? Why worry?

This Twitter user put it plainer than Josh Earnest ever would:

And another used Hollywood to make the same point, with deadly clarity:

H/T: Twitchy


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