Is he off his meds? Dr. Krauthammer’s diagnosis of Harry Reid

Harry-ReidPulitzer Prize-winning conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer wonders whether Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is “on his medication or not.”

But is this an official diagnosis?

Among his impressive list of accomplishments in life, Krauthammer is a licensed psychiatrist and practiced medicine for three years at Massachusetts General Hospital, so some would argue he is qualified to assess Reid’s mental health.

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The good doctor was a panelist on Fox News’ “Special Report with Bret Baier” on Tuesday and the participants were discussing the wave of illegal immigrant children overrunning the U.S. border with Mexico.

Earlier in the day, Reid had the audacity to say “the border is secure,” and Dr. Krauthammer let him have it.

“When you hear Harry Reid saying the border is secure you got to wonder, you know, whether he’s on his medication or not,” he told his fellow panelists. “That is so detached from reality.”

“How many do we have now? 60,000 at least — kids who come over?” he added. “And we’re completely helpless.”

H/T Daily Caller

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