Watch Florida cops fight each other at traffic stop: ‘I will shoot you’

Police officers in Miami have a problem, and it’s all over the Internet for the public to see.

What started as a routine traffic stop in late June escalated within minutes to a heated argument and take-down.

According to the video, posted on the Crespogram Report watchdog website, Miami Police Officer Marcel Jackson stopped a car for speeding and approached the driver with his dashboard camera on. The driver turned out to be a lieutenant on the same police force – David Ramras, an Internal Affairs officer, in fact.

Before Ramras could fully identify himself, he and Jackson began arguing, and before long, several officers helped Jackson take Ramras to the ground.

The Miami Police Department has offered no statement on the incident, which was leaked to the public via the Crespogram Report, a website that says it is “barred from numerous government networks for telling the truth.”

The Crespogram Report’s Al Crespo said he obtained video of the conflict from people interested in making sure Jackson didn’t get railroaded. Crespo offers a much more detailed report on the incident and the full video on his site.

* Language warning for both videos:

“Once things calmed down, Jackson went to his police car, removed the camera from the dash and put in in the space between the seats, and then called someone named ‘Rick,’ to whom he explains what had just happened,” the report said.

The footage shows Jackson telling a friend what happened.

“I pushed him back, like, ‘Stay in the car,’” he said. “And he’s like, ‘I’m lieutenant of police! I’m lieutenant of police!’… I’m like, ‘I don’t know who you are, but you don’t jump out on me.’”


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