Rihanna deletes explosive political tweet after outrage: ‘I didn’t even know I tweeted it’

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Pop star Rihanna jumped into the middle of the conflict between Israel and Gaza by tweeting #FreePalestine shortly after the proposed cease fire disintegrated, but then she quickly deleted it eight minutes later.

Twitter users were quick to respond, and with the wonder of technology, the tweet is not actually gone:

Rihanna is not the first to tweet the hashtag #FreePalestine. Just three days ago NBA star Dwight Howard tweeted and deleted the same thing, according to TMZ, but he has since apologized.

Reactions to Rihanna were mixed, with followers supporting the singer’s tweet, such as these:

As in any conflict, there were those on the other side, tweeting this:

Turns out, Rihanna didn’t even know she sent the controversial tweet.

“She deleted it because it was never meant to be tweeted,” a source told TMZ. “She didn’t even realize it was a tweet until she started hearing from her fans.”

The source offered an explanation, according to TMZ, who reported:

The source says Rihanna was reading about the Middle East conflict online when she clicked a link.  The next thing she knew … her fans were asking her why she was pro-Palestine.

The explanation is obviously curious.  In order to tweet, someone would either have to type the message or cut and paste it, and then click the “Tweet” button.

Maybe celebrities should stay out of controversial political conflicts.

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