Protester tries to arrest Dick Cheney on live broadcast, screen goes black

cspan_cheney_protesterNearly six years later, the fanatical left still wants a pound of flesh from Dick Cheney.

Politico’s Mike Allen was interviewing the former vice president, wife Lynne and daughter Liz on C-SPAN Monday when a loon with a pair of handcuffs began screaming that Cheney is a war criminal, according to Raw Story.

It looked as if the protester planned to arrest Cheney, before being detained by security.

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Allen was trying to plug Lynne Cheney’s new book, “James Madison: a Life Reconsidered,” when the woman, wearing a pink sign, began the political theater.

“Oh, no!” Mrs. Cheney said with a laugh.

“Four more years! Four more years!” daughter Liz began chanting in mock fashion.

The camera swung around to briefly catch a shot of the protester, before the video went black. A C-SPAN announcer explained shortly thereafter that they were “having some problems with the feed.”

Tom Tillison


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