Planned Parenthood sued for sending 13-year-old home with stepfather rapist after abortion

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An angry mother is suing a Planned Parenthood clinic in Denver, Colo., for giving her young teenage daughter an abortion and failing to report her stepfather for sexual abuse.

The 13-year-old’s stepfather, Timothy David, brought the girl to the clinic on May 3, 2012, after forcing the teen to schedule the abortion, Life News reported. In the lawsuit, the girl’s mother, Cary Smith, accuses the clinic of witnessing clear signs of sexual abuse but refusing to report it to authorities — and even sending the girl home with her rapist after the abortion.

According to Life News, the teen filled out forms indicating she was under the age of consent. But no one at the clinic discussed the girl’s age with her or her abuser, nor did they ask how she got pregnant or question whether she had been abused, Smith’s lawsuit alleges.

The girl finally told her mother of the years-long abuse two months after the abortion, while David was away from the family’s home, Life News reported.
Smith’s lawsuit cites Colorado’s mandatory reporter law, saying that as health care professionals, clinic officials were required to investigate and report any suspicion of abuse.

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