Smug GOP strategists slam Palin in impeachment war: ‘Nobody of relevance’

Republicans need to concentrate their fire on electing a Republican Senate this fall and a GOP president in 2016 – not a doomed-to-fail impeachment effort against President Obama.

That was the message from two top conservatives on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday as host George Stephanopoulos asked Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol and Republican strategist Ann Navarro about the prospects for a move against the administration.

sarahpalin0714Unfortunately, they buried it in the smug superiority that gave rise to the tea party in the first place.

“No responsible elected official has called for impeachment,” Kristol said.

“Republicans are not going to impeach President Obama. They are, I think, going to make the case for why a Republican Senate could check President Obama in 2015 and 2016 and why a Republican president is needed to replace President Obama.”

The key words were “responsible elected official,” of course, as the discussion was sparked by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s column last week calling for impeachment.

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Navarro was particularly dismissive of the idea. She said House Speaker John Boehner’s plan to sue the president, on behalf of Congress, over Obama’s unilateral rewrites of Obamacare is the battleground Republicans should be fighting on.

“Nobody of responsibility, nobody in leadership, nobody of relevance has talked about impeachment,” Navarro said.

That’s inane. If Sarah Palin weren’t “relevant,” Sunday talk shows wouldn’t be spending time trying to prove what she says doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s a good bet she’s more “relevant” than Kristol and Navarro put together could ever dream of being.

Implying Palin is irrelevant is exactly the kind of snide arrogance normal conservatives despise about establishment figures. And doing it for the amusement of  a dyed-in-the-wool Dem like George Stephanopoulos just adds shamelessness to stupidity.

Insults aside, though, Kristol brought up the best argument against the almost impossible chance an impeachment would succeed against Obama.

“One problem with it is you’d just get Joe Biden as president,” he said.

Tough to argue with.

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