Michelle Obama ‘loved the hashbrowns’ for herself; heaven forbid school kids get them

It’s a simple case of “do as I say, not as I do.”

Michelle Obama recently doubled-down on her demand to have dominion over what children eat at school.

She also locked arms with Nancy Pelosi to get the evil potato removed from the list of  government-funded foods that women can purchase using WIC dollars, so it’s not surprising some folks on Twitter took notice of this excited tweet from Open City diner in DC where she brunched Sunday morning:

It didn’t escape bacon-loving Americans everywhere that a  hearty brunch, including the beloved hashbrowns FLOTUS was enjoying, is one of the delightful freedoms we enjoy in this great country.

Sadly, she’s teaching our kids otherwise. Way to lead by example, Mrs. Obama.

HT/ Twitchy


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