Ann Coulter blasts new host: ‘The Oscar goes to the illegal immigrant weeping on MSNBC’

Best-selling conservative author Ann Coulter laid into MSNBC’s newest show and its host José Díaz-Balart Monday, after the debut episode featured a weeping illegal immigrant from Honduras.

The underage “Maria” couldn’t speak English so Díaz-Balart translated the interview live, after first informing viewers, “MSNBC is not in a position to verify the events’ of the story . . . but it [the story] is consistent with others fleeing. . .”

Below is what Coulter had to say about the “aspiring actress” and the new MSNBC host. Watch the video after to see what set her off.

Suddenly the column published in Monday morning, “José Díaz-Balart: ‘I’m Not an Activist, I’m a Journalist,’” seems a tad less credible.

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Michele Kirk


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