Zimmerman trial’s most infamous witness still fuming that ‘creepy ass cracker’ got off

rachel jeantel

As the prosecution’s star witness in the Trayvon Martin trial, Rachel Jeantel captured the nation’s attention with her combative attitude and her limited education, and one year later, her attorney says the experience traumatized her.

“She was suffering from post traumatic stress,” Miami attorney Ron Vereen told CNN reporter David Mattingly in a Thursday broadcast.


Jeantel, who said during the trial that she did not think “creepy-ass cracker” was a racist term, was asked if she blames herself for defendant George Zimmerman walking free.

“A little bit,” she replied.

“He did wrong, and he’s got to man up to it,” Jeantel said of Zimmerman. “To me, you’re not a man, George Zimmerman’s not a man. That’s still a little boy, with a grown body.”

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Vereen organized a support group called “The Village” to help Jeantel deal with her anxiety and assist her in getting her high school diploma — she graduated in the spring, as she told Trayvon she would.

Jeantel may go to college, but her experience in the courtroom has not spurred any interest in her becoming an attorney — in fact, she ruled it out altogether.

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