What a Fluke: Obamacare sends birth control coverage card to newborn baby girl

Contraception cardWhen Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform American society” he apparently meant from cradle to grave. Obamacare, now has sex under control even for infants!

A listener to Todd Starnes on Fox Radio notified him that his 3-month old daughter received a contraception card in the mail as part of her Obamacare coverage, according to Fox News.

The man from Lubbock, Texas, wrote Starnes that “it’s frustrating and sickening. It bothers me that this [insurance] company takes it upon themselves to send this out to people’s young children without even contacting us.”

He described himself as “disgusted,…I’d like her to enjoy her innocence. But now, it’s forced upon her mother and I thanks to Obamacare.”

Starnes quipped, “Apparently the insurance company wants to make sure the 3-month-old has options after a sordid affair at daycare.”

The listener also wrote Starnes that the unidentified company would not let him opt-out of the program, justifying its action in a letter saying “the new federal preventive health services law requires that group health plans provide women contraceptive services to females of all ages without imposing any cost-sharing and at no cost to you.”

As Starnes puts it, “Welcome to President Obama’s fundamentally transformed America, folks.”

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